Real-Time Trading Session Instant Replay (Video)

This is the video from today’s trading session. You can also [ilink style=”download” url=””]DOWNLOAD[/ilink] the 54MB Windows Media Player file.

*Firefox users, please jiggle the volume control to hear sound.

Reference Material

Please review the Day-Trading E-mini Stock Index Futures webinar and E-mini Real-Time Trading Session Introduction for background material. Visit the Real-Time Trading Session Archive section in the Knowledge Base for more videos like this.

Information about technical trade setups can be found on the List of Discretionary Trade Setups. Members interested in reading more about reading price bars should order New Blueprints for Gains in Stocks and Grains by William Dunnigan. The book is full of food for thought.


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  1. Couldn’t get the video to play. Cllicked on the play icon, but nothing happened. In case it was buffering, I let it sit for a long time. Using IE 8. Your videos have always worked for me before.

  2. The old video format scaled with complete resolution and clarity. The current format seemed to scale for the smaller in place window so when full screen is selected the image is pixelated. Perhaps if it was rendered for full screen it would retain the resolution.

  3. Here’s the scoop. In order to get the video to play across platforms, we have to use the lowest common denominator.

    1. It cannot be played on anything less than IE9, but is OK for other browsers.
    2. Resolution cannot be larger than 640×480 or else it will not play for iPhone/Smartphone. That’s why it looks like shit on the computer screen, especially on full screen.

    So the answer is to provide a higher resolution version for download. Which I will do shortly.

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