Real-Time Trading Session Instant Replay (Video)

This is the video from today’s trading session. Note I forgot it was Tuesday…

Click [ilink style=”download” url=””]THIS LINK[/ilink] to watch the video using Windows Media Player or right click to download the 126 MB .WMV file.

Reference Material

Please review the Day-Trading E-mini Stock Index Futures webinar and E-mini Real-Time Trading Session Introduction for background material. Visit the Real-Time Trading Session Archive section in the Knowledge Base for more videos like this.

Information about technical trade setups can be found on the List of Discretionary Trade Setups. Members interested in reading more about reading price bars should order New Blueprints for Gains in Stocks and Grains by William Dunnigan. The book is full of food for thought.

Video Format

GoToWebinar records the real-time trading session in Windows Media Player format. The file is difficult to convert to quality video for iPad/iPhone/SmartPhone.

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